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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#OpBridgewater - In The Beginning

Part Two

I was never informed at anytime, by either Dean of Student Affairs, Tony Esposito, or the Counseling Center staff, what specific “physical or psychological health problems” I had which could “potentially place that student’s life in danger; impair her/his ability to maintain an academic program; or when his/her behavior is a serious disruption to others."  But when doctors and social workers lie to protect each other, you had better believe that their opinions of you will not be very high.

While I was recovering from ordeal in the psych ward at Brockton Hospital, I was declared academically unfit. Dr. Grace Siebert-Larke and Wayne Assing, LICSW, had a talk with Dean of Student Affairs, Tony Esposito.  Somehow the doctor and the social worker actually convinced Dean Esposito to declare me academically unfit.  I had good marks in my classes at the time I was involuntarily committed and I was never examined by a doctor, so what was the basis for Dean Esposito's decision?  Not one member of the Bridgewater State College Counseling Center talked to anyone in the History department at the time their decision was reached, and none of them knew I was recovering from a stroke I'd suffered in 2000.