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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#OpBridgewater - In The Beginning

Part One

On April 15, 2004, I was involuntarily committed at the request of Dr. Grace Siebert-Larke.  At the time she was Head of the Counseling Center on the campus of Bridgewater State College (now Bridgewater State University) in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. I was not examined by her.  

As the result of the actions taken against me by Dr. Siebert-Larke and other members of the Counseling Center, in an unprovoked and unwarranted attack on my civil rights, I was escorted from my class at the Bridgewater State College library by law enforcement officers of Bridgewater State College Campus Police, led by Chief David Tillinghast.  

In an unnecessary display of force authorized by the Counseling Center, I was handcuffed, and then questioned by Chief Tillinghast.  After my person was searched, I was escorted off campus and transported to the psychiatric ward at Brockton Hospital without a hearing before a judge.   

These humiliating events took place in spite of the fact that I had an unblemished record as a student at Massachusetts colleges, no record of violent crime anywhere in twenty-two years of civilian life, and not so much as a traffic ticket in the state of Massachusetts.