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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Slander by Al Wiggins Jr

Slander: When someone lies upon your name
and tries say you live of a live of blame.
In this day of racial profiling,
a few code words can have cops mobilizing
on any student in the campus community.
You think it can't happen? Well look at me!
In the land of the brave and the home of the free,
I got handcuffed at a library
behind slander

Slander: When someone tells a bunch of lies
on a person that they despise.
You're not judged by your records, words or deeds
because the words used against you are a poisonous seed,
planted in the mind of an ignorant square
who should have done due diligence but didn't care.
So you're stereotyped without a gander
and the reason for this travesty
is slander.

Slander can destroy your life
if you can't handle that kind of strife.
When a campus employee does you wrong
and all her co-workers just play along,
a person with a weak constitution
can get waylaid by an institution
when the leadership is also to blame.
And it's just a damned shame that its all
about slander.

A doctor made a mistake when she sent the law
to handcuff an individual she never saw.
Here's the part that never fails to astound me
The law says a doctor must assess you directly
before an involuntary committment
Now let me share a little secret:
The doctor said a professor's report sealed the deal
but let me tell you pilgrim: That crap wasn't real.
It was slander.